For overview and without claiming completeness, the following very sketchy typology of services covers the activities of our office. Please contact us with your specific question or suggestion and we will inform you free of charge whether we can help you in your particular case.

Company law, corporate law

  • Company formation - advice on the choice of activities, licensable activities, ownership structure, management powers

  • Registering a company quickly and efficiently

  • Registration of change procedures - appointment of auditor, appointment and removal of managing director, transfer of registered office, establishment and closure of branch or other place of business, changes in membership, increase and decrease of capital, change of functional currency, regulation of the scope and powers of employees authorised to represent the company, etc.

  • Regulation of membership rights and obligations, syndicate contracts

  • Capital compliance – corporate actions to restore equity, capital redemption from member's loan (debt-to-equity conversion)

  • Restructuring, Transformations - effective assistance in M&A, intra-group or external mergers, spin-offs, etc., corporate form changes, generation changes in ownership

  • Acquisitions - target legal due diligence and drafting of acquisition transaction documents, business share sale and purchase agreements

  • Legal tasks of voluntary liquidation (wind-up)

  • Rules of procedure (board of directors, supervisory board)

  • Powers of attorney (ad hoc proxy arrangements)

  • Corporate secretary - taking minutes of meetings of the main corporate body, drafting resolutions, following up the necessary company law procedures, drafting documents relating to the annual accounts, project management, obtaining and legalization of company certificates

  • Assistance in legal supervisory procedures


  • Data protection, GDPR, anti-money laundering compliance, drafting policies and notices, advising on the changing legal environment and taking the necessary action
  • Whistleblowing - drafting of policies, notifications, templates, support to businesses in investigating and qualifying whistleblowing reports. Code of ethics, code of conduct
  • Preparation of internal rules, bylaws
  • Management trainings (executive responsibilities, legal obligations in priority areas, specific operational risks)

Labour law, HR

  • Preparation of employment contracts, templates, reviews, all-round advice and consultation
  • Senior executive contracts
  • Contracts for foreign employees
  • Contract amendments
  • Termination of employment by employer and employee, drafting, consultation, advice and implementation of termination notices or termination agreements by mutual consent
  • Employer legal succession, transfer of undertaking
  • Group redundancies
  • Study agreements
  • Non-competition arrangements
  • Internal regulations (IT, company car, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Labour disputes
  • Representation in control procedures

Commercial law

  • Drafting and reviewing a wide variety of contracts with customers and suppliers, general support in connection with agreements arising in the life of the company
  • Preparation and updating of contracts of agency, contracts for services, framework agreements, general terms and conditions, supplier contracts
  • Supply contracts, reseller and franchise agreements
  • Opinion on advertising, promotions, game rules

Real estate law

  • Sale and purchase of real estate (residential, commercial or industrial), exchange, gift, assistance with state benefits and bank financing
  • Landlord and tenant leases in the private and commercial sectors (apartment lease, office lease)
  • Property/facility management contracts
  • Registration and cancellation of certain rights and charges (mortgages, usufruct, etc.)
  • Amendments to the articles of small condominiums

Consumer protection

  • Retail rules on premises, data protection, labelling, price indications, language requirements
  • Advertising and marketing issues
  • Enforcement of consumer rights, warranty claims and good practice for businesses

Other matters

  • Civil litigation, employment litigation
  • Settlement of disputes through negotiation
  • Out-of-court procedures
  • Debt management, attorney’s notices of payment, payment order proceedings, liquidation proceedings
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy, liquidation)
  • Maintenance, annuity contracts
  • Wills, succession contracts
  • Data protection issues, GDPR compliance
  • Copyright contracts, use, royalty agreements

Agricultural law

  • Dispute resolution in disputes arising from aid financed by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD):
    • Claims arising from subsidy deeds (e.g. horizontal field thematic groups of standards, conversion to organic farming, maintenance of organic farming, animal welfare aid, etc.) - Representation in objections and civil litigation proceedings
    • Claims arising from support decisions (young farmer, forest-environmental measures, etc.) - representation in administrative proceedings, drafting of appeals against contested administrative decisions, representation in litigation for judicial review of administrative decisions
  • Drafting contracts relating to agricultural land
    • Contract for the sale of land,
    • Agricultural leasehold contract,
    • Contracts relating to the procedure for the division of immovable property in common ownership
  • Drafting of contracts required in water law matters
    • Establishment of a water easement,
    • Representation in proceedings relating to water rights permits,
    • Matters relating to irrigation associations
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