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I am Dr. Ákos Vályi, lawyer. I graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University and gained my professional experience in small and medium sized law firms with international clients.

Valyi Law Office was established in 2009 and provides flexible, client-focused and complex support to its clients in its areas of expertise. We value internal content with a focus on reliability, rather than external appearances. A small office stands for more personal relationships, more devoted attention and lower legal fees.

Over the years of our operation, we have gained valuable experience in a wide variety of ways of working with clients. We have worked as a quasi in-house legal department of multinational companies, as consultants in close cooperation with multinational companies and as a permanent partner of small domestic businesses. We have worked successfully with HR, sales, production and various legal areas in addition to management. We know the working methods and mentality, to which we can adapt. We have been assisting our regular clients in specific legal areas for years and we also work on an ad hoc basis, whether it's a single substantive advice (“finally, I get this!”) or a one-off complex transaction. Our regular and returning clients are a testament to their satisfaction.

Where legally feasible, we pragmatically take the easier and quicker route; we like to be at hand and not in the way. Efficiency is our goal and our tool. The nature of the contact, whether in person or by telephone or online, is adapted to the needs of our clients. We are pleased to help!

We cooperate with prominent accounting, payroll and auditing firms, helping the companies we represent to overcome the business and economic challenges of their lives and legally achieve the cornerstones of their growth. Through collaborations, we can provide more comprehensive tax and accounting support. Our professionalism, youthful attitude and business acumen will help also You to do business in Hungary.

In providing our services, we always aim to be direct and straightforward, reliable and trustworthy, as well as affordable, and You will also benefit from legally secure solutions.

We are available in both English and Hungarian.

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